Kalpana Bandecar

NAMASTE – I am Kalpana, the creator of HAPPY NEW EARTH. With this unique magazine, I like to inspire you and as much people as possible to live a HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE for a better world and to create our NEW EARTH. Since 2018 I get frequently strong visions about our future planet, a beautiful place where there is love, peace and harmony. My mission is to create awareness for a better world and to give an orientation and information, which steps are need to take to implement new thinking and systems with other like-minded people.

The big picture of an ideal world came to me many years before, after completing my MD in allopathic medicine, when I went to India. There I got deep knowledge about Ayurveda Medicine, Yogatherapy and Vedic Science from ancient texts and the best spiritual teachers. They also introduced me to deep Meditation, which is my main tool to connect with the universe and receive information about NEW EARTH.

Beside this, I also studied other wisdom traditions like Buddhism, Sufism, Judism or original christian teachings. Soon I came to the conclusion, that there is a common wisdom. All traditions believe, that we need follow the universal laws and the ethics of unconditional love to experience real happiness, health and fulfillment. This wisdom, I am sharing in my work as an Ayurvedic doctor in Berlin/Germany and in HAPPY NEW EARTH. One of my strong points is to simplify complex content and to present them in a practical way for our current times.


My name is MARJAM. I am also an ambassador of NEW EARTH. From the beginning I belong to the dream team of HAPPY NEW EARTH. I enrich this platform with my huge professional  experiences.  In Los Angeles I worked as an Art Director for product campaigns of several big brands and Hollywood Productions. I am an Artist for Visual Arts as well.

HappyNewEarth  is very important for me, because I love to contribute my skills to create  NEW EARTH. 

Right now I am an Art Teacher in schools. I experience that we urgently need new education systems, especially for children. Lessons should be more practical. Teachers should also support student in exploring their talents. As a consequence we need smaller classes and more well educated teachers. 

The first step is to exchange ideas and create a concept for NEW SCHOOL. We have to connect with each other and communicate on platforms like HappyNewEarth and other sites.


My name is MELANIE. I am part of the designer team of  HAPPY NEW EARTH. I love to support this website with my skills, because it helps humanity to evolve into love and easyness.  My designs and illustrations in this magazine are inspired by the eternal divine geometrie, energy patterns and images of the nature like flowers. They are emphazing the high vibration and the spiritual background of this magazine. Before I was a nurse, specialized in hygiene. After years of hard working in the hospital, I recognized that health prevention and selfcare is also very important. Since three years, I am into Ayurveda and Yoga, where I learned to live and work according to my nature. My family benefits a lot from my experience. I hope that more people receive this wonderful knowledge to experience  real health and happiness.