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In India there was a very famous saint in India near Mumbay, who united all Hindus and Muslims. He was born in a Muslim family around 1836 or 1856 in Shirdi and lived under a need tree. He lived like and asket and was meditating all day, no matter if the sun was too hot or the rains to heavy. So people were curious about him and went to him, asking for his blessings. He performed many miracles like healing diseases from people or helping them in problems. He stated that he doesn’t belong to any religion and sees every person with the same eye. So he helped people independent of their religion. Still he is very present and worshipped by many Hindus, Muslims and Christians in India.


In Indien gab es in der Nähe von Mumbai einen sehr berühmten Heiligen, der alle Hindus und Muslime vereinte. Er wurde um 1836 oder 1856 in Shirdi in einer muslimischen Familie geboren und lebte unter einem Neembaum. Er war asketisch und meditierte den ganzen Tag, egal ob die Sonne zu heiß oder der Regen zu stark war. Deshalb wurden die Leute neugierig und gingen zu ihm und baten ihn um seinen Segen. Er vollbrachte viele Wunder, wie zum Beispiel die Heilung von Krankheiten bei Menschen oder die Hilfe bei Problemen. Er erklärte, dass er keiner Religion angehöre und jeden Menschen mit den gleichen Augen sehe. So half er den Menschen unabhängig von ihrer Religion. DNoch heute ist er in Indien sehr präsent und wird von vielen Hindus, Muslimen und Christen verehrt.


The story of Nicolas Tesla proves that human beings have a direct link to other civilizations from other  galaxies with advanced technologies. They get inspiration and instructions from aliens so to speak in order to improve the living conditions of humanity. 

When Tesla was born a thunder storm took place. His mother therefore called him a child of light which came true. Nicolas was born in 1856 in Croatia. Since childhood he had visions and saw flashes of light. Frequently he received detailed instructions about technical inventions. He perfected them in his mind without the need to write it down. He also calculated this way. His experiments always realized exactly as planned. Tesla had an excellent memory like his mother and spoke eight languages. He studied engeneering in Graz where he spend 20 hours in learning every day. The teachers got worried, the young student may die from exhaustion. 

After a while he quit and worked for Edison, who used direct electricity to make light which is far too strong and overload the electrical lines. Tesla invented an „alternate current“. It was a new way of generating electricity which can be used for any devices without harm. He became very successful with this and founded his own company while Edison became his biggest enemy. With his invention it was possible to supply big cities like New York with electricity. 

Other amazing invention like the first versions of x-ray, neon lightening and remote controlling were invented by Tesla. Fundamental inventions like wireless communication and radio signals failed because of opponents like Edison. Money was also a problem as people at this time were not open and ready for Teslas innovations which were far ahead of time. He died in 1943 without a penny but lots of debts. 


You know about „the Autobiography of a Yogi“? It is among the best books in the world and was written by Paramahansa Yogananda. There are very successful people, allegedly Steve Jobs, who read this book once a year. Divine light shines out of every sentence of this book by this enlightened master born in India in 1893. He is one of the Yogis who brought Yoga to the western world in the beginning of the 20th century.

From a very young age he had supernatural perceptions, but also very unusual encounters with enlightened masters such as Sri Yukteswar, his teacher in his last life. Like no other Yogananda describes the illustrious community of Yogis in the Himalayas and their incredible abilities. This includes being in several places at the same time, materializing things out of the blue or playing with the five elements.

Yogananda also describes how the meditation guided him to “the One”, the divine source. He depicted the parallels between the universal Vedic knowledge of classical Yoga, the teachings of Krishna and the teachings of Jesus, which in essence is unconditional love and only source for all beings and life energy.

From 1920 to 1935 Yogananda lived in the USA, where he spread the teachings of Kriya Yoga. In 1935 he travelled through Europe for 18 months, where he also passed his knowledge through lectures and practical demonstrations. He founded the Society of Self-Realization (SRF), where thousands of students were trained and numerous of them had become masters on both continents.

After returning to India, his beloved teacher Sri Yukteswar died. Since that day, Yogananda had only one desire to follow his master and friend. He nevertheless continued his mission here on earth and died in 1952. Several reports describe that his body seemed alive months later, most likely the positive effect of Pranayama, the yogic breathing exercises that Yogananda practiced for several hours every day.


The Persian Jalal ad-Din Muhammed Rumi was enlightened, that’s for sure. Each of his poems are revealing that this Sufi master, mystic and scholar reveals has found the divine source “the One” and drew all his energy and words from it.

Rumi was born in Afghanistan in 1201. He inherited his spiritual nature from his father and grandfather, both respected theologians. In 1219 Rumi pilgrimed to Mecca with his family to escape from Dschinghis Khan. There he met the famous Sufi Farid-ad-Din Attar, from whom he gained deep universal knowledge and philosophical insights. Rumi and his family then traveled to Anatolia ruled by the Seljuks. In Konya his father  in Islamic sciences, which Rumi took over after his death in 1231. He also married and started a family.

He met several Sufi masters of whom Dervish Shams-e Tabrizi influenced him the most. At times, Rumi even renounced the world to better internalize the words of his spiritual master and friend. However, due to intrigues, Schams had to leave the city. During this time Remis grief was overwhelming. In this phase he wrote most of his poems which are widely quoted around the world . He died in 1273 and is acknowledged as an enlightened sage.