This Vitamin is very important for many activities in our body and has a hormone like effect on us. It activates over 1000 enzymes and plays a key role in metabolism and immunity. It also regulates the Calcium level in the blood and helps the bones, teeth, hair and nerves to stay strong.  Vitamin D3 […]


IT BEGINS WITH HIGH ADRENALIN AND CORTISOL LEVELS DUE TO CHRONIC STRESS In Ayurveda, the adrenal glands play a key role for our health. Only few allopathic doctors know about the big pictures of adrenal fatigue and Burnout. Here you can test if your adrenal glands are weak and then follow the recommendations for food and […]


The pineal gland is a brain gland that was very strong in our ancestors. Today we own a rudimentary version which can be activated with #Pranayama and #Meditation. It is also called the third eye and is considered to be the gateway to the universe. With this extra eye we can see things that are […]