Since the first human beings appeared on earth, there has been the idea of ​​a better place where everything is right. There is no evil there, the sun always shines and everyone loves each other. Indeed, there is this place, but it is within you. All of humanity’s great knowledge traditions describe the way. It […]


In all wisdom traditions like the teachings of Jesus, Buddha or the Vedas, celestial guides  are mentioned to take care for each and every soul on this planet. You are connected with your anchestors and to beings in the higher realms like angels, saints, gods and the main energies of the universal source.  They all guide […]


This is the time where humanity will evolve into higher states of consciousnes.  That means that we learn to think, feel, act and speak more and more out of love. We are in love and in unity with all beings. There is no duality and we understand how this world works. To get to the point […]


There are many different types of meditation. The variants with high-frequency sounds are particularly transformative in our hectic times. At frequencies between 400 and 700 Hertz we immediately dive into a higher level of energy, in which negative feelings and blockages dissolve immediately. We switch to a world where of unity, love, peace and harmony […]


More or less all wisdom traditions describe the concept of reincarnation. This means you don’t have only one life but many, if not thousands. The Nepalese or Egyptian book of death, the wisdom of the Vedas, Sufis or the Tora, the original teachings of Buddha and Jesus, all refer that the soul is immortal and […]


In all wisdom traditions now is the only time which exists. Animals are always in the now – they don’t think of the  past or the future. In the now you are present and in balance. In this state of mind you are out of time. You are in the moment, where you hear your thoughts […]


You sleep too little at night and you are often tired during the day, but still have to be efficient? Then you are either a doctor who works night shifts or a young mother or father. There is an easy technique to recover in a few seconds: Take a bunch of keys in your hand […]


There are food items, dishes and drinks with a high vibration which can induce serenity and happiness within us. They also promote the connection to our universal energy source and also enable deep meditation. According to the Vedic teachings, these are mainly freshly harvested veggies, seeds and nuts from healthy soil as well as fresh […]


Buddha means “the awakened one”. With his energy of unconditional love, compassion and purity we experience the highest perfection and unlimited development of our potential. In some Vedic schools, Buddha, like Jesus Christ, is considered to be the Avatar of Vishnu. Both came to earth within 500-600 years, when humans urgently needed orientation and guidance.  […]


The Christ energy represents the energy of unconditional love, which transform everything, including the so-called “evil” into “good” or darkness into light. With the Christ consciousness you are connected to the strongest of all energies, the love energy. With this you can achieve and enlighten everything and remove all obstacles and blockages. In all wisdom […]