Physical Yoga exercises belong to the daily routine in a healthy life. According to Patanjali, they are even necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling ethical life. In the #Yoga Sutras of Patanjali he emphasizes the health-promoting and above all cleansing effects of the exercises on body and mind. Together with the yogic breathing exercises, […]


Alternate breathing is on of the classical #Pranayama exercises which activitates both hemispheres of your brain and synchronize them. This is very effective in any brain damage, stress and Burnout. It promotes intelligence, inner peace, concentration, memory and metabolism. In children it stimulates or balances growth and in adults regeneration and rejunivation. Sit up straight […]


This breathing exercise is most relaxing when performed as slow as possible. It is scientifically proven that the production of stresshormons like Adrenalin is stopped right away. It’s the best therapy in Burnout with high Adrenalin levels and hypertension. Sit down with your back straight, preferably by an open window or outside. Put your right […]


This intensive #Pranayama breathing technique called fire breathing, gives you the ultimate energy flash. You have mastered #deep breathing? Ok then let’s go to the next round. Fire breathing makes you really “hot” and keeps your airways free from mucus. The forceful breathing is involving the abdomen where the belly is drag in and out. […]


The following exercises are absolutely hot and part of the Rishikesh series and belong to the classical Raja or Hatha Yoga. These exercises move your abdominal very intensive. That heats up your digestion fire (Agni). That is also the reason why I called these exercises firework-exercise. I practice them daily and instructed already hundreds of […]


Do you have problems accepting yourself as you are and to love yourself? No problem. You are not alone. Except for the enlightened and almost enlightened, everyone has difficulties with this. As a child you recognized you are not loved the way you deserved to be. The people you trust the most like your parents, […]


You have mastered #deep breathing? Ok, then let’s go to the next round. The skull breathing makes you really “hot” and free your airways from mucus instantly. This exercise stimulates your digestion power and metabolism and also speed up the flow of your lymphs. It is a bit exhausting in the beginning. Get yourself guided […]


This #Pranayama breathing technique cools you down. This is for everyone who suffers from headache and migraines, hypertensionclimacteric ailments, hot flushes and increased Pitta. This time you only breathe with your mouth. Open your mouth slightly and curl your tongue so that the sides of your tongue meet in the middle. Now breathe in and […]


This yoga exercise primarily stimulates your digestion. This exercise is great when you suffer from a low or weak digestion power, but only if you breathe intensely in Ujjayi breathing. Breathe audibly. You have to synchronize your breathing with the movements. This way Prana penetrates deep into your tissues and electrify your Nadis and nerval […]


The breathing exercises are an integral part of yoga practice and also serve as preparation for #Meditation. According to Patanjali, they are indispensable for the mastery of life energies (#Prana) and control over body and mind. This also shows the meaning of the word “Pranayama”, which is made up of Prana, the life energy, and […]