In the old days every child was brought up by a big family. In addition to dad and mom, grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunts, nephews and cousins, brothers and sisters were involved in raising a child. Today especially in megacities, children usually only live with their parents and siblings. This makes relationships within the […]


Ayurveda clearly recommends giving birth in a natural way. There many reasons, for example, the child’s lung is matured through the birth process. It also strengthens the bond between mother and child. The caesarean section, which also existed in ancient Ayurveda, is reserved for medical emergencies only. Today, in western civilizations, it is rather the […]


Immediately after the #birth, child bed begins, which usually lasts 6 weeks, but in individual cases also up to 6 months. During this time, which is called Sutika in Ayurveda, mother and child adjust to the new reality, physically and spiritually. The newborn has to get used to the new environment on earth. Intimate physical […]

The ideal conception

The second part of the Balaveda, the Suprajana-Janana, describes exactly how a healthy child is conceived. The instructions on ideal conception guides the couple in detail under which circumstances and how to to make love. If there is a lack of love or if violence involved during conception the child’s health can be deranged. This […]

Ideal food and living in childbed

In Ayurveda there are clear recommendations on diet and lifestyle in #child bed and breastfeeding. Immediately after the birth, the mother needs to regenerate physically and to get strength to produce enough milk in good quality for her baby.  Beside this she also needs to balance her Doshas which may be out of order because […]


Ayurveda has clear recommendations for diet during #pregnancy. Mother and child should eat really well. At the same time the mother must keep her #Doshas in balance and not burden the digestive system too much. It is most optimal when the food and preparations meet the individual needs of the mother regarding her constitution and […]


There are clear guidelines for pregnant women in the Vedas. In most Asian and Arab countries, too, pregnant women live according to traditional rules that their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have already followed. A pregnant woman should … • not fast • not having any massages in the first three months • not have sex […]


Pregnancy, also known as Garbha-Vakranti-Sharira, describes how much the mother’s behavior affects the child and which universal rules of behavior apply during pregnancy. Most important are the explanations in the Sushruta Samhita, the Ayurvedic reference work for gynecology and obstetrics. A new era begins for the mother immediately after the child is conceived. It is […]


SECRETS OF PERFECT PARENTING If it come to education of a child it’s better to speak about support than education. Your duty is to introduce your child to virtues and ethical behavior as well as to help him/her to align with love in all aspects of life. You also have to support his/her skills and […]


In Ayurveda and Yoga we recommend to massage the breasts every day especially when you are breast feeding. This regulates lymphatic drainage from the breast into the Ductus lymphaticus in the stomach and supports the flow of milk. Otherwise the lymph or milk may block in the breast channels. The breasts consists almost entirely of […]